Using Crystals for Meditation

using crystals for meditation
I use smokey quartz, fluorite, and tiger’s eye crystals for meditation.
I’ve recently started to experiment with using crystals for meditation and I’ve found it so helpful for my focus and clarity. Whenever I sit down to meditate, my thoughts start to race at a million miles a minute. When I try to focus on my breath, my mind immediately starts to wander. Crystals help slow down my brain and bring my attention back to the moment.

After I experienced my first crystal vision with my fluorite stone, I felt called to try using crystals for meditation. Most articles I’ve read on crystal meditations suggest using the stone as your focal point. With every breath, you focus on absorbing its properties into your body.
I do it a little bit differently. Maintaining contact with a stone throughout my meditation keeps me focused.
I generally meditate lying down so I usually place my crystal on my third eye. When my mind starts to wander, I bring my attention back to the physical sensation of the weight on my forehead. It’s almost as if when I start to spin off into thoughts, the crystal issues a gentle reminder. “Hey, I’m still here! Let go of all that and remember I’m here!”
I also like to write down a little cheat sheet of what each crystal is good for and review it before I start to meditate. I don’t consciously think about the stone’s properties while I meditate. But having the knowledge in the back of my mind definitely guides where I ultimately go.
As I start adding to my crystal collection, I’m curious to see how my meditation practice evolves.
Have you ever tried using crystals for meditation? Do you have any crystals that you love using during your meditation practice? I’d love to hear about your thoughts and experiences in the comments!

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