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Conrad’s Christmas Sweater and the Perils of Procrastiknitting

About a month before Christmas, I decided that it was time to knit Conrad a sweater. I’ve never made him any kind of clothing  and I had no idea what to get him, so it seemed like the perfect solution. I thought I’d have plenty of time to get the whole thing done in time for Christmas.

Fast-forward four months and hundreds of knitting hours later and it’s finally finished!


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Wedding Makeup

wedding makeup

After a lot of internal debate, I’ve decided to do my own wedding makeup. As much as I thought I wanted an excuse to hire a professional to doll me up because it may well be the only time I can justify it, in the end it just wasn’t an expense I cared to prioritize. Instead I decided to give myself a budget of $100 to get some new products so I didn’t feel deprived and could create a look that was natural, fresh, and able to withstand a day full of happy tears.

Though I don’t wear a ton of makeup anymore, I have managed to amass a pretty sizeable stash of products. So before I went out and bought anything I decided to see what I could do with what I had on hand.

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Style Vignette: The Plant Stand


A few years ago I became obsessed with acquiring a kumquat tree. I discovered the joys of a whole kumquat dipped in Nutella when I visited France after college and the scent of citrus blossoms is my favorite smell on the planet so when I read an article about how well many citrus trees grow indoors I knew I needed one. After a lot of research I found out that while kumquat trees are nigh impossible to find in Maryland, other citrus are a lot more common. I picked up a calamondin, a meyer lemon, and key lime tree from a local nursery and a love affair was born.

The thing with citrus, though, is they need a lot of light. I’d experimented with keeping them outside when it was warm enough and bringing them into a sunny room during the winter but even with religious fertilizing they were still a little shrimpy. I tried using a grow light but I quickly realized my indoor lighting setup wasn’t cutting it so I set out to change that.

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Style Vignette: The Bar

bar2Style vignettes are little snippets of our own personal home decor. No tutorials, just examples of our tastes and ideas for how we utilize our spaces.

I think the bar corner of our living room might be one of my favorite spots in the whole house. The hex shelves (which we built out of $5 of reclaimed deck wood from The Loading Dock using the tutorial over at A Beautiful Mess) managed to make our big living room feel much more intimate and it’s convenient to have it located perfectly between the kitchen and the main sitting area (I’ll post a house tour soon!).

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