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Living Mindfully: Let Go of Woulds, Coulds, and Shoulds

Living mindfully
Blue Lagoon, Iceland. 2013
As I’ve gotten more comfortable with my meditation practice, I’ve come to realize how much power I give my thoughts. I used to regard them as the wisdom of my subconscious. If my thoughts were stewing over something then I’d better pay attention because it could be important!

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Magic, Mindfulness, and Mysticism

I grew up going to a nondenominational church. It attracted
healers and mystics and spiritualists of all types. My mom’s friends
included aromatherapists and reiki practitioners and massage
therapists and acupuncturists. The church often brought in visiting speakers from a range of spiritual traditions. Native American elders and sufi mystics and energy healers populated my childhood. I helped build my first sweat lodge when I was 8. I learned to meditate when I was 6.

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The Power of Radical Vulnerability


If I took one lesson from the past year, it’s that there is incredible power in radical vulnerability. While I’d hoped that 2017 would be kinder to us all, I spent most of the year feeling paralyzed.
I think I kept it together pretty well: I juggled a full-time job and an demanding consulting gig. I navigated a marriage transformed by the endless reverberations of grief. I managed to keep 3 needy creatures alive. But inside, I was struggling.

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This Is What My Brain Looks Like on Depression

Confession: I’m struggling with depression.

{Get over yourself Michelle, your life is great! You just want attention}

It’s really hard to write when I’m depressed. So after months of avoiding writing, I figured I should try to write about what it feels like to be depressed.

Trigger warning: depression, suicidal ideation.

{Why are you even bothering to write this? Why would anyone care about how sad you are? Everyone else is fighting their own battles and yours aren’t even that bad}

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