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Using Crystals for Meditation

using crystals for meditation
I use smokey quartz, fluorite, and tiger’s eye crystals for meditation.
I’ve recently started to experiment with using crystals for meditation and I’ve found it so helpful for my focus and clarity. Whenever I sit down to meditate, my thoughts start to race at a million miles a minute. When I try to focus on my breath, my mind immediately starts to wander. Crystals help slow down my brain and bring my attention back to the moment.

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How to Build a Meditation Practice: Tools +Tips From a Former Hater

how to build a meditation practice
Meditation is simply a vacation for your brain.

I have a confession to make:

I spent 30+ years of my life thinking I could never build a meditation practice.

While I knew that a meditation practice was something I needed in my life, I was so resistant to starting. I knew that my constant negative self-talk could be helped by getting into right relationship with my brain. But I was SO resistant toward meditation that it took me years of telling myself I should get into it before I actually made myself get into it.

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