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Conrad’s Christmas Sweater and the Perils of Procrastiknitting

About a month before Christmas, I decided that it was time to knit Conrad a sweater. I’ve never made him any kind of clothing  and I had no idea what to get him, so it seemed like the perfect solution. I thought I’d have plenty of time to get the whole thing done in time for Christmas.

Fast-forward four months and hundreds of knitting hours later and it’s finally finished!


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Spiced Chai Concentrate


Remember when chai used to be the big thing? I remember going to cafes when I was in highschool and feeling so cool ordering a chai latte. It seemed so much more worldly than coffee. Not to mention spicy and refreshing and delicious.

Nowadays the beverage world seems to be all about artisinal/hand-roasted/small-batch coffee. I love myself a cup of french roast in the morning but lately I’ve been moving away from my daily coffee habit toward tea (it’s so much cheaper!) and I was reminded of how lovely it is to keep a jar of chai concentrate on hand in the fridge. It’s a little more initial work than cold brew coffee concentrate but I promise it’s worth it!

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