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Kitchen Renovation Reveal!

Words cannot express how happy I am that we finally bit the bullet and remodeled the house. While I’m happy about all of the projects that we tackled, the kitchen renovation was definitely the most satisfying. It was kind of like breaking up with that long-term boyfriend who’s kind of  a scrub but is perfectly nice and so you just stay with them for waaaaay longer than you ever expected, but then you come to your senses and dump them and suddenly you’re swept away by a partner who actually meets all of your needs, even the ones you didn’t know you had.

Am I a little too in love with our new kitchen? Perhaps.

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Renovation Progress!

Man, life’s been a doozy lately. Just after Bruce died, my grandmother was diagnosed with pre-leukemia. She’s 95 and was given only a few weeks to live, so it suddenly became a huge priority to make the trip out to Cincinnati to see her.

By some miracle of the scheduling gods, all 5 of my siblings and I were able to take this past weekend off to go out there. My sisters and I took a whirlwind roadtrip which was one of the most fun and exhausting 56 hours of my life (check out Kate, Libby, Annie, and Arlene  on Instagram to see all the silly outtakes!).  My bro flew in for a total of 5 hours just so he could be there too.

renovation progress
Clay was already on a plane home by the time we remembered to take a photo of all of us, but rest assured I do indeed have a brother.

It was really special and I’m so glad we could all make it and it deserves its own post but also could life please just let up for one quick second? I’d really like a chance to catch my breath.

So it’s time to take a break from thinking about serious things by focusing on one consistent source of excitement in my life:

Renovation progress!

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The Remodeling Contract+ Short Hair Don’t Care

We did it! We signed our remodeling contract! Starting on Monday, our house will officially be renovated! I mean, it won’t all be done on Monday. But the dumpster hath arrived and we are ready to begin tearing shit down.

After the panic attack of putting down the deposit passed, I started to get really excited. Our house won’t be garbage anymore! We’ll be able to have legal renters! Maybe we’ll actually be able to sell our house one day!

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