A Spell for the Super Blue Blood Moon Eclipse

super blue blood moon

Lately I’ve been getting into a rhythm of syncing my intentions with the lunar cycle. It’s been a great way to reconnect with the passage of time and clear out patterns and processes that no longer serve me. The energy at the end of January felt so incredibly potent that I knew I needed to properly honor the Super Blue Blood Moon Eclipse. In preparation for tomorrow’s full moon, I thought I’d share how I honored the last lunar cycle.

A Ritual for the Super Blue Blood Moon Eclipse in Leo

  • Draw a hot bath
  • Add 10 drops of frankincense essential oil to a small cup of sea salt
  • Mix in a small handful of rosehips and hawthorn berries to open the heart
  • Light a few candles. Enjoy their orange glow while meditating on the warm autumnal hue of the moon outside. Fill the body with this color.
  • Breathe.
  • Bring a tiger’s eye crystal into the water. Meditate on its courage, intuition, and fierce strength.
  • Submerge your hair in the steaming water. Scrub it vigorously of any residual energy. Allow the tiger’s eye to penetrate each strand with its protective spirit. (If you have natural hair or just don’t like getting it wet in the bath, try spritzing with Florida water)
  • Scrub the body with rose and oatmeal cleansing grains. As you work the paste over your body, imagine shedding the skin of the old self. Rinse well.
  • Emerge renewed, rejuvenated, rejoicing.
  • Smudge your body and anoint with rosewater.
  • Adorn yourself with a luxurious nightgown and your grandmother’s favorite kimono.
  • Reflect on what you want to bring into this new lunar cycle. What energies no longer serve you? What would you like to carry forth?
  • Write a spell that will focus and guide you in manifesting your intentions over the coming months.

Here’s mine:

A Spell for the Super Blue Blood Moon

I release my need to perform perfection

I refuse to stay small

I can manifest the life I want

I will manifest the life I want

I am in control of my destiny

I come from a lineage of strong, resourceful, independent women

I call on their courage to help me find my own

I will be bold

I will be brave

I will make mistakes

But I will try

I will not allow myself to become so paralyzed by perfection that I never allow myself to blossom

I will bloom

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