Recurring Characters

This is Conrad, Michelle’s husband. They live together with their cats Cricket and Donut in a poorly kept midcentury rowhome in North Baltimore that they’re slowly improving. He’s a former butcher, a current chef, and he loves building things, making knives, and scoring antique cast iron cookware at flea markets.

donutDonut is beautiful and perfect and grumbles every time she moves. She was rescued from BARCS when she was 2 years old and fell instantly in love with Cricket.

cricketCricket can be a bit of a demon but his good looks and love for being carried around like a baby keep him in our hearts. Michelle has known him since he was 12 hours old and has been in love ever since.

libby tgl

Libby is Michelle’s next younger sister. She writes guest posts sometimes on things like embroidery projects and dealing with anxiety. She’s got the skills of a grandma (when you go to her house for a visit there’s likely to be a fresh pie on the table) and the fashion sense of a grampa (she’s got a seriously deep love for all things cozy and comfortable).

Screen Shot 2015-02-20 at 4.38.54 PMThis is Annie, . She’s also known as The Hottest Goth Chick in Baltimore and while she looks like she could kick your ass she (probably) won’t. Coupons and crafts are just a few of her areas of expertise.

Screen Shot 2015-02-20 at 4.45.15 PM

Arlene is the youngest member of our family as well as Annie’s twin. She’s smart as a whip, a seriously talented artist, and crazy cool. She loves any project that involves power tools and she isn’t afraid to try new things.

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