Valentine’s Day “We Love Love!” Dinner

For Valentine’s Day this year Conrad and I were a little bit torn about what to do to mark the holiday. His cousin and cousin’s fiance were in town so at first we thought we might just make them a reservation somewhere nice and lay low at the house just the two of us. But then we thought, why not have a dinner party? Most folks we know don’t have big traditions around Vday so we figured our favorite couples would probably be free. Plus Conrad is an amazing cook so we knew we could give our guests the experience of a fancy meal without the expense.

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Spiced Chai Concentrate


Remember when chai used to be the big thing? I remember going to cafes when I was in highschool and feeling so cool ordering a chai latte. It seemed so much more worldly than coffee. Not to mention spicy and refreshing and delicious.

Nowadays the beverage world seems to be all about artisinal/hand-roasted/small-batch coffee. I love myself a cup of french roast in the morning but lately I’ve been moving away from my daily coffee habit toward tea (it’s so much cheaper!) and I was reminded of how lovely it is to keep a jar of chai concentrate on hand in the fridge. It’s a little more initial work than cold brew coffee concentrate but I promise it’s worth it!

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An Introduction

Hi there!

We’re Libby and Michelle, two sisters fumbling toward adulthood in Baltimore City.


We were lucky enough to grow up with the quintessential grandmother. We used to spend summers visiting her home in Maine where she taught us how to knit, weave baskets, harvest from her incredible garden, darn socks, braid rugs, and make preserves. She was an amazing woman who lived independently until she passed away at 91 and through her example we learned about the importance of frugal living and the satisfaction that comes with making things ourselves. We wanted to start this blog as a way to share our projects and insights that are based on the lessons we learned from her.

On Friday nights you’re more likely to find us working on an embroidery project than out at the club but we’re pretty satisfied with our grandma lives.

Practical advice for the old at heart