Style Vignette: The Bar

bar2Style vignettes are little snippets of our own personal home decor. No tutorials, just examples of our tastes and ideas for how we utilize our spaces.

I think the bar corner of our living room might be one of my favorite spots in the whole house. The hex shelves (which we built out of $5 of reclaimed deck wood from The Loading Dock using the tutorial over at A Beautiful Mess) managed to make our big living room feel much more intimate and it’s convenient to have it located perfectly between the kitchen and the main sitting area (I’ll post a house tour soon!).

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Make It Yourself: Brightening Sugar Scrub

There are approximately 1 bajazillion different ways to make your own facial cleansers using everyday ingredients from your pantry. Somehow I often manage to forget this when I’m wandering the aisles of a drugstore and I nearly get sucked in by all of the promises that this product will make me look 10 years younger instantly or that my skin will glow brighter than 7 suns. I ran out of exfoliator a few weeks ago and had planned on picking something up to replace it but luckily for me I’m easily overwhelmed so I quickly realized I should just make my own.

This is my go-to formula for a basic sugar scrub that leaves me feeling soft and refreshed without being too harsh: honey is a natural humectant which means it draws moisture into your skin from the air so you’re moisturized with no grease, citrus juice contains enzymes that eat away at oil and dead skin leaving you bright and beautiful plus it’s antibacterial so it gives you that lovely clean feeling, and brown sugar provides just the right amount of grit. This formula might be a little harsh for dry and sensitive skins (I’ll post a tutorial later for y’all!) but it’s just right for normal to oily folks who need a good sloughing once a week or so.

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