Work-Life Balance and the Curse of Neverending Guilt

work-life balance

After years of career dissatisfaction, it’s kinda weird to have two jobs that I really really love.

My day job is amazing because I’m in an environment that truly values work-life balance. I’m out of the office by 4 pm every day and I never have to take work home with me. My boss encourages us to take advantage of our paid time off (she even told me that if I don’t get sick often then I should use my time for mental health reasons!). My insurance includes therapy and acupuncture benefits. I get a free gym membership and I’m encouraged to attend fitness classes on my lunch break (hellooooooo Zumba obsession). I feel valued for my contributions and supported by my team and encouraged to learn and grow.

My consulting gig is great because it fulfills my activism side. I get to write about the achievements of an organization that’s funding really important gender justice work and I get paid well to do so.  It’s amazing to have the opportunity to marry my marketing skills with a cause that I’m truly passionate about. I was initially worried about starting two new jobs at the same time, but I’m so glad that I swallowed my fear of taking on too much and accepted the position.

It’s pretty great!

But life right now is also just draining enough that when I get home from work and finish my consulting to-do list, all I can handle is eating dinner and then slaying demons in Diablo III with Conrad until I collapse into bed at 9 pm.

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Kitchen Renovation Reveal!

Words cannot express how happy I am that we finally bit the bullet and remodeled the house. While I’m happy about all of the projects that we tackled, the kitchen renovation was definitely the most satisfying. It was kind of like breaking up with that long-term boyfriend who’s kind of  a scrub but is perfectly nice and so you just stay with them for waaaaay longer than you ever expected, but then you come to your senses and dump them and suddenly you’re swept away by a partner who actually meets all of your needs, even the ones you didn’t know you had.

Am I a little too in love with our new kitchen? Perhaps.

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Maybe 2016 Wasn’t All That Bad

2016 was a year that I would never want to revisit, but man it sure did encourage me to grow up.

Not gonna lie, I probably cried more this year than any since I was a hormone-riddled-boy-crazy teenager. But in spite of all the challenges, a lot of good came out of it too.

A Few Reasons Why 2016 Didn’t Totally Suck

  • After years of hand-wringing about our finances, we finally bit the bullet and renovated the house. We have a dishwasher! And a kitchen with an intuitive layout! What a concept!
  • I perfected my hustle and became self-employed and ended up making more money than I ever have before while working ~25 hours/week.
  • I’ve never considered myself an organized person, but this year I proved myself wrong. My time management skills are OFF THE HOOK! I never missed a deadline, even when we were back-and-forth to DC nearly every day while Bruce was in the hospital. I’m the queen of analog calendars and to-do lists. So long as I write it down, I can accomplish anything!
  • Conrad and I were able to love and support each other even through the most trying times. We strengthened and deepened our relationship in really incredible ways. It’s pretty amazing to be part of a relationship that’s based on a deep appreciation for each other. We both know how lucky we are and I am so grateful for the strong foundation that we built for our marriage this year.
  • I gained a ton of self-confidence in my professional abilities. I’ve always had pretty low self-esteem when it comes to work and this year I’ve learned that I do bring a lot to the table, I have a valuable skill-set, and I know how to make clients happy. Turns out that living through the worst can really bring out the best in you.

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