Herbal Infusions

Herbal infusions are one of my favorite ways to experiment with new plants. You can steep your herbs in hot water or cold, using one herb or a combination, using herbs from your garden or an apothecary or your local grocery store. There is no right or wrong way to experiment with plant magic!

I like to put together an infusion in the evening and let it sit at room temperature overnight. Then I take it to work with me in the morning. It’s a great way to get to know the flavor profile of a new herb and try out blends to target a specific issue. It also makes it a lot easier to stay hydrated! These are a few of my favorite combos lately:

Moon Cycle Support Herbal Infusion for Heavy Flows

Dried nettles (high in iron to help you weather blood loss)
Lady’s Mantle (helps stem excessive blood loss)
Raspberry Leaf (soothes cramping)
Since I got an IUD, my periods have gotten longer and heavier than they used to be. So far this hasn’t shortened my cycle, but it does feel super nourishing + help with cramps.

Beautiful Hair and Nails Herbal Infusion

Dried horsetail (contains a high concentration of silica for stronger nails/hair)
Nettles (rich in minerals that promote healthy growth)
Rosemary (rich in vitamins and minerals that support hair growth and strength)
This combination also makes a great hair rinse. After you’ve infused your water at room temperature, reconstitute with some hot water. Let sit ’til it cools to room temperature and then use it as a rinse when finish shampooing/conditioning. No need to rinse out!

Inner Sunshine Herbal Infusion

Dried chamomile flowers
Fresh or dried lemongrass
This combination isn’t so much about medicinal benefits, it just tastes like sunshine. Add a little honey for a delicious treat!  I find this infuses better in hot water.
For a one-quart infusion, I generally use about 2 TBS of herbs.

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