Crystal Scrying with Tiger’s Eye and the Limits of Divination

crystal scrying
San Pedro, Belize (2018)

I recently decided to meditate with my tiger’s eye crystal for the first time. After discovering the power of crystal scrying with fluorite, I was curious if working with the tiger’s eye might bring some additional clarity. After I bought it, I found out that it’s known as the entrepreneur’s stone because it supports bravery and bold thinking. Seeing as I just started a Master’s program in entrepreneurship, it seemed it really was meant for me!

Tiger’s Eye Crystal Meditation

I needed guidance on what to do for an upcoming class project and I realized it was the perfect time to try using the crystal for the first time. So I sat with my tiger’s eye crystal in my palm as I meditated on the question of what I should do for the project.

Once I felt well grounded, I brought out my fluorite scrying stone. Still holding the tiger’s eye in my left palm, I held the fluorite above my candle and gazed within.

After turning the crystal in the light of the flame for what felt like ages, a clear image of a plane suddenly emerged. Ah, a message about my upcoming vacation to Belize! As soon as I made this connection, I dropped the stone into my candle, extinguishing the flame.

I was immediately spooked: Obviously this was a bad omen about my flight. My first thought was that I would die on that plane. I got paranoid and could feel my heart racing. My intuition had spoken. Should I cancel the whole trip?

But then I took a moment to come back to my original intention. I’d asked for guidance on what to do for my class project: Why would that question bring an omen of death? It didn’t make any sense.

And in that moment, I found clarity about what I could learn from that vision. 

Recognizing the Limits of Divination

I don’t believe in prophecy. Our intuition can provide guidance on what’s to come, but I don’t buy into anyone who says they’ve seen the future. In my opinion, divination simply helps you access your own intuition and inner sense of knowing. By that logic, a vision could never predict your own death unless you have some real reason to believe it’s coming.

Divination tools–including crystal scrying, tarot, and  dream interpretations–only provide answers that already live within me.

After I’d spent some time metathinking about what I had just seen and my reaction to it, my creativity was ignited. I came up with a project that I was incredibly excited about and never would’ve thought of otherwise.

My Class Project

I originally wrote this post in the beginning of February and it just didn’t feel right to post it until now. After the vision, I was flooded with inspiration for how to refocus this blog to share my metathoughts (like the process I went through to recognize what my vision was all about) and write more openly about my spiritual path.

It has been an amazingly transformative experience. And I never would’ve thought of it if I hadn’t been jarred by what I first thought was an omen of death.

I’ve since gone on and come back from said vacation to Belize. I took many rides on many planes and they were all perfectly safe. It was an incredible and life-changing trip.

I’m so glad I didn’t let my fears get in the way.

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