Crystal Scrying: Discovering a New Tool for Divination

crystal scrying
Crystal scrying has never exactly been on my spiritual radar. I’m an intuitive person, but I’ve never really used any tools to tap into this intuition. My only reference point were Hollywood images of witches gazing into crystal balls to predict the future.

I’d never found myself drawn to crystals until I went to Flourish in search of a tarot deck. I didn’t find a deck I liked, but their collection of crystals called to me. I found myself drawn to a beautiful piece of rainbow fluorite. A tiger’s eye also caught my attention, so I bought them both as well as a new abalone shell for my sage.
That night, I cleansed my new crystals and I found myself strongly drawn to the fluorite. I knew the tiger’s eye would become useful later, but I was itching to work with my fluorite.
I’d gathered some dried sage leaves from my garden and as I smudged other items, I had trouble getting it to catch. I kept having to relight it as the embers burnt out. I saved smudging the fluorite for last and when I finally picked it up, I swear it crackled in my hand.
When I lit the sage, it went up in flames that lasted for more than 10 seconds.
I didn’t intend to attempt crystal scrying when I held my fluorite crystal up to the fire. I didn’t expect to see anything, I just felt called to do it. But as I looked into the crystal, an image of a star emerged, clear as day and undeniable.
I knew in my bones that I’d found a new tool for divination. This crystal had stories to tell me.

Crystal Scrying Take 2: More Than a Fluke

The second time I saw a vision in my fluorite crystal, it scared me a little bit. I was anointing my new Revolution candle from Magic Hour Astrology and asked for guidance on how to center liberation in my work. I was half convinced that the star had been a fluke, so I didn’t expect to see something new.
But as soon as I held up the crystal to the flame an image of a fist raised in solidarity emerged. As I turned the crystal in the light, the image shifted into a tree that was being rooted in the earth by a feminine hand while a storm raged on around it. I twisted the crystal again and the image turned to smoke that took on the form of a dark angel watching from above.
I was spooked: Had I just witnessed a vision of the end of the world??? The second image seemed so clearly to be about climate change and the angel of death seemed to be waiting just around the corner. I couldn’t shake a sense of doom.
And then I recalled the wisdom that my mother taught me to remember when it comes to divination:
We cannot see into the future. Symbols are simply mirrors that allow us to reflect on our interpretation of the events at hand. It is the act of interpretation that gives the symbols meaning and provides guidance for how we should act.
I thought then about what my original intention had been: I had asked for guidance on how to incorporate justice into my work. And with that new frame in mind, the images took on completely new meanings. With this lens, the images became a reminder that I must continue to struggle for justice. If I don’t, I will feel like I haven’t done my part to make the world a better place.
The experience was a good reminder that it’s important to clarify your question before crystal scrying. Otherwise the interpretation can get muddy.

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