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Our Budget Wedding Reveal!


As you may or may not have heard, we had our little budget wedding in October! I’ve been a little mum on the subject because man it turns out that planning a wedding, no matter how low-key you think it may be, is incredibly exhausting.

My sister Arlene designed and hand-lettered our sign.

When I first started thinking about how we’d do our budget wedding, I did the first thing I always do when I don’t know how to do something: started Googling. While a fair amount of stuff came up, I couldn’t help but notice that pretty much anything I would read that was under $5000 was stories about couples who threw really small ceremonies and had another reception for friends/family at a later date. The cost of those receptions?  Conveniently never mentioned. So I decided to document my attempts to do the whole shebang for as little as possible (ideally around $5k).

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The numbers have all been tallied and the grand total that we spent on our 40 person wedding and reception+the larger reception we threw the next day+our mini-honeymoon in West Virginia came out to:

While it’s a little bigger than my original goal, I am beyond happy with all of our choices and I feel really good about where we ended up. It’s a lot of money, to be sure, but it was a meaningful day for a lot of people aside from just us so it was money well spent.

Wanna know exactly where all that money went? Check out our budget wedding spreadsheet.

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The Instax Photo Booth Wall


One of my favorite budget wedding details that came together better than I ever could’ve expected was our Instax photo booth wall. We kept it incredibly simple with clothespins that cost $2.99 at Target and some jute string hung up with tape, as I recall. My brother’s a professional lighting tech in the film biz so he worked some magic with two clamp lights and nearly all the photos turned out beautifully. It was like having a photobooth but everyone was so close with each other and relaxed that it totally looked natural. It really could not have turned out more perfectly!

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