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Elderberry Syrup: A Potent Potion for All Year Round

elderberry syrup
I taught my sister how to make elderberry syrup and she was so proud.

You may have heard that this year’s flu season has caused a run on elderberry syrup. This traditional folk medicine has gained a reputation for boosting the immune system to help you ward off sickness. While traditional medicine is on the fence about the efficacy of elderberries, herbalists have long sung the praises of this gorgeous purple potion. Hyppocrates even called elderberry “nature’s medicine chest.”

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Nature-Based Anxiety Relief

natural anxiety remedies
My sister Libby shares some of her favorite natural anxiety remedies.

I have lived with anxiety for as long as I can remember. The telltale tightening of my chest and racing of my heart are a part of my life that I have come to accept.Over the years, I’ve found several products and strategies that help to manage my anxiety. These are my favorite nature-based anxiety relief remedies: I hope you find something that works for you.

**Disclaimer: These suggestions are short-term solutions, and should not be taken in lieu of doctor’s orders or prescriptions**

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