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DIY Liquor Bottle Wedding Centerpieces

liquor bottle wedding centerpieces
The best part about our liquor bottle wedding centerpieces? They were free!

When Conrad and I started planning our DIY budget wedding, we vowed to reuse and upcycle as many elements as we could. We wanted to avoid accumulating a bunch of stuff we would never use again so we got pretty creative. One of my very favorite DIY wedding projects we embarked on was making our own liquor bottle centerpieces. Since I rarely keep fresh flowers around, I hated the idea of spending a bunch of money on vases. So we figured we’d make them instead! At the time, Conrad worked at a bar which had a constant supply of beautiful liquor bottles. So we took some of the prettiest ones home, cut off the tops, and use them for our wedding centerpieces. Here’s how we did it.

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DIY Beeswax Wrap

diy beeswax wrap
With the right supplies, making your own beeswax wrap is a simple project you could do with kids.
Beeswax wrap is a great alternative to plastic sandwich bags, saran wrap, and tin foil. I’d been thinking about buying some for ages, but I always balked at the price. Then I finally realized I could make it myself! With the right supplies and a little bit of time, you can whip up a set of wraps in a variety of sizes to meet your needs.

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DIY Compostable Facial Cleansing Pads

cleansing pads

I’ve come to a point in my life where I really hate washing my face. I don’t mind doing it in the shower in the morning, but there’s something I despise about trying to rinse my face off at night in our tiny bathroom sink. I’ve tried a few different types of facial cleansing pads and I loved the convenience, but I hated the amount of waste they created and all the chemicals they contained so I never used them regularly.

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Handmade Holidays: DIY Men’s Grooming Products

DIY men's grooming products
These DIY men’s grooming products are perfect for dads, coworkers, boos, and bros.

If you don’t know what to get the bearded fellow in your life for the holidays, I have a few handmade ideas for you! I used to sell all-natural skincare products at craft fairs and on my Etsy shop, but then life got too busy so I stopped last year. The products got rave reviews and I figured it’d be a shame to let them go to waste, so I’m here to share all of the secrets of my DIY men’s grooming products. Continue reading Handmade Holidays: DIY Men’s Grooming Products

Project Problems and the Power of Perspective

I never thought I’d write a thousand words about a fence, but when you own an old fixer-upper, project problems have a way of taking over your brain.

See, we recently decided to replace our old, ugly, and damaged chain link fence with a beautiful new 6′ wooden privacy fence. Here’s why:

*Just look at how ugly our old one was.

Good god that's ugly.
Good god it was ugly.

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