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Election Reflections: What White People Must Do Next

Like many well-meaning left-leaning white people, I woke up yesterday in a state of utter shock. I’d honestly never even considered the possibility of a Donald Trump presidency: Surely, he was far too out there to ever be taken seriously by anyone other than the most bigoted Right Wingers. Surely there can’t be that many blatantly racist misogynists in our country.


Clearly, I was wrong. In a big way. Overwhelmingly and across the board, white people voted for Trump.

white people
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White people of all education levels. White people of all income levels. And yes, even white women overwhelmingly chose him over Clinton.

White people, Donald Trump is our monster.

So this blog post is for you. It’s for us. White people, it’s time for us to collect our people and align ourselves with the struggle to dismantle white supremacy once and for all.

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Discovering a Family of Writers

Last week I unexpectedly got to cross off one of the items on my summer bucketlist when I had the chance to go to Maine with my dad and my sisters, Libby and Arlene.

August 8th would’ve been my grandmother’s 93rd birthday and we had the opportunity to spend that weekend at her house in Lovell. It was great and very sad and heavy and grief is such a strange thing, isn’t it?

This trip is bittersweet, but Maine will forever be my happy place.

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