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The Power of Radical Vulnerability

If I took one lesson from the past year, it’s that there is incredible power in radical vulnerability. While I’d hoped that 2017 would be kinder to us all, I spent most of the year feeling totally paralyzed by the injustices of the world around me. Outwardly I kept it together pretty well: I successfully juggled a full-time job and an emotionally demanding consulting gig, navigated a marriage transformed by the endless reverberations of grief, and successfully kept 3 needy creatures alive. Inwardly, I was struggling.


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This Is What My Brain Looks Like on Depression

Confession: I’m struggling with depression.

{Get over yourself Michelle, your life is great! You just want attention}

It’s really hard to write when I’m depressed. So after months of avoiding writing, I figured I should try to write about what it feels like to be depressed.

Trigger warning: depression, suicidal ideation.

{Why are you even bothering to write this? Why would anyone care about how sad you are? Everyone else is fighting their own battles and yours aren’t even that bad}


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