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This Is What My Brain Looks Like on Depression

Confession: I’m struggling with depression.

{Get over yourself Michelle, your life is great! You just want attention}

It’s really hard to write when I’m depressed. So after months of avoiding writing, I figured I should try to write about what it feels like to be depressed.

Trigger warning: depression, suicidal ideation.

{Why are you even bothering to write this? Why would anyone care about how sad you are? Everyone else is fighting their own battles and yours aren’t even that bad}


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Project Problems and the Power of Perspective

I never thought I’d write a thousand words about a fence, but when you own an old fixer-upper, project problems have a way of taking over your brain.

See, we recently decided to replace our old, ugly, and damaged chain link fence with a beautiful new 6′ wooden privacy fence. Here’s why:

*Just look at how ugly our old one was.

Good god that's ugly.
Good god it was ugly.

*Taco is a ball of snuggles, but even we can admit that she looks like she could rip out your throat. When she’s outside and people walk on the sidewalk next to our fence, she charges and barks because she’s a good guard dog. It sucks for everyone.

Photo of Michelle, Conrad, and Taco, a brindle pitbull with cropped ears whose coloring makes her look like a tiger.
She’s cute, but kinda scary cute

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Election Reflections: What White People Must Do Next

Like many well-meaning left-leaning white people, I woke up yesterday in a state of utter shock. I’d honestly never even considered the possibility of a Donald Trump presidency: Surely, he was far too out there to ever be taken seriously by anyone other than the most bigoted Right Wingers. Surely there can’t be that many blatantly racist misogynists in our country.


Clearly, I was wrong. In a big way. Overwhelmingly and across the board, white people voted for Trump.

white people
Image found on Twitter.

White people of all education levels. White people of all income levels. And yes, even white women overwhelmingly chose him over Clinton.

White people, Donald Trump is our monster.

So this blog post is for you. It’s for us. White people, it’s time for us to collect our people and align ourselves with the struggle to dismantle white supremacy once and for all.

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