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The Great Cricket Caper

This is Cricket. I’ve known him since he was a few hours old. For the past 5 years ago, he’s been my #1 boo (sorry Conrad).


Act I. The Beginning

I never planned on adopting a kitten. I knew I wanted a cat eventually, but I always thought I’d adopt a full-grown feline. Then my friend’s boyfriend took in a very pregnant street cat who later had 5 beautiful babies and my plans went out the window. I fell in love with all of them and went to visit pretty regularly. When they were old enough to be weaned, I knew I had to take one home.

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Each Morning, I Rise

each morning I riseMy grandmother passed away on Thursday. Yesterday we hosted Bruce’s final memorial service. Last night, I picked up my pen to process what I’ve been feeling and this was the result. I call it, “Each Morning, I Rise.”

(Having trouble loading the audio? Try out this link instead or keep reading for a text version)

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Renovation Progress!

Man, life’s been a doozy lately. Just after Bruce died, my grandmother was diagnosed with pre-leukemia. She’s 95 and was given only a few weeks to live, so it suddenly became a huge priority to make the trip out to Cincinnati to see her.

By some miracle of the scheduling gods, all 5 of my siblings and I were able to take this past weekend off to go out there. My sisters and I took a whirlwind roadtrip which was one of the most fun and exhausting 56 hours of my life (check out Kate, Libby, Annie, and Arlene  on Instagram to see all the silly outtakes!).  My bro flew in for a total of 5 hours just so he could be there too.

renovation progress
Clay was already on a plane home by the time we remembered to take a photo of all of us, but rest assured I do indeed have a brother.

It was really special and I’m so glad we could all make it and it deserves its own post but also could life please just let up for one quick second? I’d really like a chance to catch my breath.

So it’s time to take a break from thinking about serious things by focusing on one consistent source of excitement in my life:

Renovation progress!

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Our Experience With a Design Build Company

So y’all already know about our recent disappointing experience with a design build company that came in waaaaaay over budget on our project. As you can imagine, we felt like our deposit was a complete waste of money and we spent $1700 on nothing.

I really really hate wasting money, so I decided to do what I do best and make a fuss about it.

design build company
Someday we’ll get our house fixed, just not by a design build company.

We started by contacting our designer, but after a week and a half with no response it became clear that she wasn’t gonna follow up. Totally unsatisfied, I decided it was time to go straight to the top.

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Summer So Far

I am incredibly terrible at keeping track of passing time. I rarely know what month it is without undertaking some serious mental gymnastics and when I say that something happened just last week, chances are it was actually a month and a half ago.

Yeah, it’s pretty bad.

And so I have a web of coping mechanism and solutions that work to varying degrees of success, but I often find myself making judgements of where we’re at in the calendar year based on what the weather’s been like.

This is probably one of my more flawed coping mechanisms.

If you have any idea of how all-over-the-map Maryland weather has been this past year, you’ll understand why I am often COMPLETELY wrong about where I’m at in the year.

Case in point: A couple of nights ago it just FELT like September. There were a few days in a row where it didn’t get over 70some degrees and it was foggy and heavy with rain and everything about the way the air smelled and the breeze gently lingered against my face filled me with that unique nostalgia that comes at the very very tail end of a long summer.

summer so far
Get it? Tail’s end? </dadjokes>

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The Home Remodel: $$$ Updates

  1. Becoming a freelancer has made me acutely aware of just how much time really does equal money.
  2.  We just got the design and cost estimate back for our upcoming home remodel.
  3. Plz excuse me while I go pass out and don’t wake up until capitalism has been dismantled because there ain’t enough time in the world for me to make that kind of money.

numbers-money-calculating-calculationI had a feeling that going with a design/build firm for our home remodel was maaaaaaybe going to be out of our price range, but I wasn’t quite prepared for the final number they came back with. To be fair, I understand that overhauling 2 separate apartments is a whole lot of work. But also to be fair to me, it’s kinda shitty when you make your budget clear and then a company comes back with a quote that’s 50% over what you said you could afford.

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Ednor Gardens in Bloom

Have I ever talked about how much I love my neighborhood? I’ve always been happy that we chose to move to Ednor Gardens, even though I had no idea that the neighborhood existed until my realtor showed me the house on a whim. I first saw the house in January and closed in March, so when I bought it I didn’t even know what a joy springtime would be, but it was such a beautiful surprise.

ednor gardens
Welcome to our lil urban suburb.

I love how lush and green Ednor Gardens is. It feels so different from other parts of the city, like a tiny suburb nestled in the heart of North Baltimore.

ednor gardens
So much color everywhere!

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